Web Design program in Miami. Become Adobe Certified : Get Hire Boot Camp ( FREE Webinar a $150 value )

May 26, 2011

Get Hire Boot Camp ( FREE Webinar a $150 value )

"Learn Powerful Job Search Strategies for Today’s
Competitive Job Market"

The job market is becoming more and more competitive as the recession drags on. With more competition, you need to know how to stand out from the crowd and market yourself to hiring managers.
Our free Job Search Webinar will teach you the skills you need to compete in this tough market such as:
Marketing Your Potential
Using Targeted Job Search to Maximize Your Efforts
Networking Skills for the Hidden Job Market
Overcoming “Phone Phobia”
The Role of Social Media in the Job Search
Interview Secrets
Understanding Expectations of Hiring Managers
The Job Offer: How to Negotiate
and much more
2 Sessions This Week to Fit Your Schedule. Limited Space Available So Register Now!

Most candidates wait for months between jobs, simply because they don't know how to conduct a successful job search.
Is Your Job Search Process in need of a serious rethink?
Here are a few pointers to help you with an honest assessment of your job search strategy:
You spent years acquiring your education and work experience. How long did it take you to write your resume?
You know thousands of people.
How many of them can help you land a job?
Did you know that a job search is a numbers game -
Not a waiting game?
Did you know how many places you should apply, before you can expect an interview?
Did you know how many interviews it would take, to get one offer?
Have you ever asked a hiring manager what they're looking for - and positioned yourself accordingly?
If you haven't seriously pondered the questions above, you could benefit greatly from our Free Job Search Webinar.

I'm sharing this information .. I'm sure that is going to usefull for all of you.
I already
registered ( Is free! ). They is always something new to learn.

Webinar online gratis.. que aprenderan tecnicas y tacticas de como ser empleado
en el mercardo competitivo actual. Yo ya me registre, hay mucho por aprender.

Percy Ordonez
Web Design Instructor

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