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July 12, 2012

Why Update A Web Site?

source:  Jim Smith, author of  “How to Start a Home-Based Web Design Business”.

 Do clients ask you why they should spend their hard-earned money to update their web site when it looks satisfactory to them the way it is. As a web design professional, here are three good reasons you can use. First and most importantly, is to keep the attention of the search engines. Second is to keep the site updated with the newer technology that is always coming out. Third is to give repeat visitors a reason to return with something new to look at. Let’s look at each of these individually…

  1. One of the main things that search engines look at when placing your web site higher or lower is how fresh the information is. If the information hasn’t been changed in 2-3 years, and their competitors’ web site gets new material every few months, guess which web site the search engines think is more updated? It doesn’t take a lot of information to keep things fresh and generally doesn’t take much time to replace content. Just grab a couple of paragraphs here and there and improve upon them periodically. I had a client who was in first place in some key phrases in Google and Yahoo a few years back. Out of millions of listings, his was on top due to the design and keyword usage. It stayed that way for over a year. Then it started sliding. He saw no value in updating it but wondered why he wasn’t getting as much activity from his web site. He was down to 60th place. Now, he can’t be found in the first 100 listings. No one will look that hard for him. He is finally gathering material to refresh the site and it will again take several months to get his listing even close to the top page or two. Keep that content fresh!

  2. The second reason to update their web site is to keep up with technology. Much like the software on their computer, Internet software and applications change frequently. New security issues are uncovered. New layout and design techniques are developed. New browsers come out. And the expression that best summarizes it is “The great thing about standards is that there are so many of them”. The Internet has standards. Internet Explorer has their set. Firefox does too. PC users and Mac users each have their own set of standards. And your clients’ web site should look as professional as possible in as many standards as it can. So don’t be afraid to nudge your client to make sure their web site is optimized from time to time to get the most bang for their buck. Their web site has already been built — now the easier part is to make sure it keeps running smoothly.

  3. Lastly, you should remind your client about the repeat visitors to their web site. Do they want to see the same thing time and again? A bit of fresh material, maybe a new photo of those new products, or a list of features for that new service that they are offering will go a long way to keeping visitors coming back to their web site. They already have them interested in coming to their web site. Don’t let them get tired of stopping in for a visit!
One of the goals of your clients’ web site is probably to enhance their image to their customers. The image they need to put forth should be of them using the exciting cutting edge stable technology of the Internet. They should show an image of being a supplier of updated information to their customers. You should help them broadcast an image of them being someone on top of their business.
Otherwise, someone else will be on top of your business! 

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