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November 22, 2016

The New Google Design - learn more here..

More design, all the time

Much has happened in the year since launched Google Design and introduced  material design framework at Google I/O 2014. 

They hosted FORM, Google’s first-ever design conference in San Francisco and engaged in numerous outreach efforts through workshops, design sprints, and online discussions. They continued to improve and expand on the material design guidelines and have witnessed countless teams both inside and outside Google adopt the framework and ship beautiful, materialized products across platforms.

To better capture all this great design work happening at Google and around the community, they completely re conceived Google Design. In addition to all the guidelines and resources you’ve come to rely on, they also released guides for TV, Auto, and Cardboard, their virtual reality product. Their new Icon Library ( cool! ) allows you to download icon font and source from the over 800 material system icons.

They also added a whole new layer of written and video content — everything from tutorials, case-studies, interviews, and essays, to a listing of job opportunities and design-related events, like our upcoming FORM conference. The goal is to provide a new perspective on our design process and ample opportunity for cross pollination. Now you can watch an animated color tutorial before you dive into the nitty gritty details in our material design guidelines, or get some practical guidance around designing between platforms.

Their Making Material Design series takes you behind-the-scenes to find out what it takes to create a new visual framework for Google. 

Additionally, they launched new Dribbble and YouTube channels to complement our active Twitter and Google+ presence and can share even more real-time content from our design teams.

We hope you enjoy the the new Google Design, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on Twitter and Google+. After all, good design is never done.

The Google Design team

2015 Google Design Showcase - Highlights & Award Winners 

Design highlights from the six Material Design Award winners, as well as other exemplary designs from the Material Design Showcase on Google Play.

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